iS Clinical Reparative Moisture Emulsion


This intensive, rejuvenating moisturiser is formulated with pharmaceutical-grade botanicals, peptides and powerful antioxidants.

This helps keep your skin looking and feeling healthy, smooth and protected.

- Deep-cleanses skin and pores without drying
- Excellent for blemish-prone and congested skin
- Provides the appearance of smaller pore
- Smooth and soft feeling on the skin
- Paraben-free

- Extremozymes. A proprietary combination of potent enzymes sourced from plants capable of surviving in extreme environments
- Superoxide Dismutase (SOD). A uniquely designed, antioxidant-rich natural enzyme that targets reduction of photo damage and supports to improve the health of skin
- Copper Tripeptide Growth Factor. Clinically proven to help diminish the appearance of premature ageing and assist to visibly reduce wrinkles over time
- Hyaluronic Acid. A compound present in Nature’s most powerful hydrator

- Apply a small amount of Cleansing Complex to your hands and apply to a damp face
- Massage the cleanser over your face and neck. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry