My skin journey has been consistent for 4 years with Refine. I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin knowing the outstanding knowledge and skill that the Refine team have.

Leading up to my wedding, I had regular Hydrafacial and LED treatments. Backing it up during appointments with my iS clinical home care, always. I am so thankful I have a wonderful team to look after it.


1 March 2024

I have always struggled with hormonal acne and was terrified I would have a flare up on my wedding.

The team at Refine have been miracle workers, I saw them monthly for 12 months prior to my wedding for a combination of LED treatments, green peels, and hydrafacials. Thank you ladies for making sure my skin was so smooth and clear on my wedding day!! xo


9 December 2023

I started my bridal preparation with the ladies at Refine to help with reducing congestion and fine lines, and get that bridal glow.

The knowledge of the ladies is amazing. My skin was optimal for my wedding, and created a perfect foundation for my makeup on the day. I can’t recommend Refine enough 💗


10 November 2023

I always felt so relaxed in my appointments and in my final appointment, before the wedding, Renae knew exactly what I needed as I was feeling a little overwhelmed

My skin has never looked this good and I can’t thank Renae enough 🤍


28 October 2023

There is no one else I would have trusted with my skin leading up to my wedding. Renae knew exactly what my skin needed at every appointment to achieve glowing skin for my wedding day.

The knowledge of the girls and calmness of the clinic is exactly what you need on the lead up to your wedding day.


19 October 2023

I started seeing Amanda 12 months out from our wedding day and from the first session I felt comfortable and confident with the plan we put together.

On the days I was stressed or overwhelmed, her treatments brought moments of calmness. I felt like the most beautiful and confident version of myself walking down the aisle. I can’t recommend Refine enough; they are the best of the best.


14 October 2023

Beautiful Krystal from Refine took such amazing care of me leading up to my wedding.

Every appointment felt so personalised based on what my skin needed on that day, and I always left feeling so relaxed.

The team helped me feel my most beautiful and confident on my special day and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my skin.


13 July 2023

I wanted to say a huge thank you to the whole team for my skin, I felt so confident in on the day! I can’t believe how much my skin was glowing.

I can’t thank you all enough 🤍🤍🤍


5 May 2023

Both Jacinta and Renae are so kind and I appreciate them so much.

Thank you for making me feel beautiful inside and out on our wedding day.

All because of these two women, I really can't thank them enough x


3 March 2023

Since 2016, Renae has only ever recommended what my skin has needed and as a result I have zero refine products untouched up the back of my cupboard.

Leading up to my wedding on 18 February 2023 was no exception and as per usual I felt so happy with my skin.

I love being greeted with a smile and a mentos - thanks so much Refine girls, I can’t imagine my life without you now x


18 February 2023

Through a personalised skin routine, regular treatments and work from within I was absolutely glowing with confidence on my wedding day.

My bridal party and I also indulged in divine pre wedding glow up the week of the wedding. We left feeling calm and relaxed whilst our skin was provided with some final TLC! Thank you so much Refine Skin x


3 December 2022

Thank you for helping me to look and feel my best on one of the best days of my life!

I had skin needling treatments for the months leading up to my wedding which really helped to even out my skin tone and texture.

In the week of, I had the most relaxing and amazing dermaplaning and LED light therapy which was exactly what I needed to de-stress!


1 December 2022

Huge thank you to Renee for my amazing skin for my wedding.

She is absolutely amazing.


8 October 2022

I can’t thank the team at Refine Skin enough, especially Amanda.

Fortnightly to monthly treatments for the 6 months prior to the wedding had my skin looking the best it ever has. Even when I had a huge breakout the week before, the girls made time for me to come in every couple of days to assess and put a plan in place.

I wouldn’t go anywhere else.


28 September 2022

There is no one I trusted more to prep my skin for my wedding day.

All the girls are so welcoming, professional, knowledgeable and educated when it comes to which products, treatments and skin routines are best suited for your skin.


19 August 2022

From an appointment every 4 weeks, to weekly in the build up and then daily just days out from the wedding. I had peptide masks everyday in the lead up to ensure my skin was well hydrated.

I will be forever grateful to Jacinta, who always went above & beyond.


9 June 2022

Jacinta and the team at Refine Skin were incredible in preparing my skin for our wedding.

The team has a wealth of knowledge and worked with me to create a tailored treatment plan to make my skin glow.

Every visit was treat and I felt like their number one focus each time.


14 April 2022

Renae was amazing to deal with and let me keep it low maintenance. She was so accomodating with appointments and always gave the best advise.

I had Dermaplaning and LED Light Therapy the week of my wedding which left my skin feeling beautiful.


31 March 2022

I put my full trust in the team at Refine to create a treatment plan that was suited to my skin.

Sometimes on the day we changed up treatments because it wasn’t what my skin needed at the time, that’s when you know it’s about you and the results.


25 March 2022

Using the amazing products alongside the treatments has made my skin the best it’s ever been.


25 March 2022

Jacinta and Aurora were nothing short of amazing in helping me feel my absolute best on our wedding day.

I went in to each appointment really not knowing what I needed & they would tailor every session specific to my skin on the day. Seeing the girls was by far my favourite appointment in the lead-up to the wedding.


5 March 2022

With monthly Microdermabrasions, Dermaplaning and the amazing HydraFacial my skin was luminous with a healthy glow for our wedding day.

Thank you, ladies. Love your work.


11 December 2021

Being in a face mask and full PPE for 12 hour shifts in the lead up to my wedding, my chances of having clear skin felt pretty slim.

Jacinta and the team tailored my treatments and worked around my shift work that allowed me to have the biggest smile I could wear on the best day of our life.


1 May 2021

My skin was absolutely glowing and with that added confidence I had an incredible day.

I can't thank the Refine Skin team enough for helping me achieve my goals.


16 January 2021

The biggest compliment I can give Renae, is that after a few short months of seeing her I had the confidence to cease wearing make-up daily as my skin presented so well.


21 March 2020

The recommendations for treatments and products were personalised to my own specific goals and needs.

Not only was my skin absolutely glowing for my big day, but my new clear skin gave me the confidence to go completely makeup free for our beach honeymoon.


20 March 2020

My skin felt like it was glowing and the natural make-up helped to highlight my smooth skin.

Absolutely loved my lead up and now Refine Skin is a part of my ongoing skin routine.


23 November 2019

On my wedding day, I felt so confident with my skin and received many compliments.

I couldn’t have been happier with my skin. I am so grateful that I discovered Refine Skin and continue to use their amazing products and treatments.


17 November 2018

From intensive skin needling, to peels that gave me a shed, to the super relaxing and hydrating treatments, I tried it all.

I never missed a step when it came to my wedding skin prep.

My skin was the healthiest it had ever been on our wedding day.


24 February 2018

Jacinta and I have been together from the beginning. There was no one else I trusted to prepare my skin for the biggest day of my life.

Jacinta tailored every treatment to what I needed, specifically at the time of my appointment, and supported me right through to the week of the wedding.


21 October 2016