Skin needling

Is there any downtime?

You may feel a slight sunburn feeling, or heat in the skin and tightness for a few days.

You may also experience slight shedding a few days later, but again, everyone’s experience is different. We recommend no excessive exercise, steam rooms or saunas for 48 hours after your treatment. This is more for your comfort than anything else. 

Do you use numbing cream?

No we don’t. Dermapen uses oscillating technology, therefore the discomfort is minimal, and micro-needling without numbing cream is completely doable. Some bony areas such as the forehead, nose and around the eye area, can generally be a little bit more uncomfortable.

Numbing cream slows down the skin’s response, which means we see a delayed wound response. This could result in under or over treating the skin and working to an incorrect endpoint. This will affect the results we can achieve, and so we ask that clients don’t apply numbing cream prior to attending your appointment.

Can I wear makeup after my appointment?

Our preference is for you to let the skin breathe after your treatment, you’ll also be more comfortable. If required, mineral makeup for some coverage is suggested. You can wear your normal make-up the following day.

How many skin needling treatments will I need?

We recommend to begin with a series of 3 treatments for optimal results, however depending on your skin condition you may benefit from a series of 3-6 treatments. Yearly maintenance treatments will further enhance your results.

What do I do after my skin needling treatment?

After you skin needling treatment you must ensure that you avoid any excessive heat to the area such as hot showers, saunas, exercise, sun exposure etc.

You must avoid the use of active cosmeceutical skincare for 48 hours post treatment. The application of a soothing agent post treatment is essential for post-care.


With the right advice, the right skincare products and treatments, you can achieve the very best with your skin.

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